Friday, October 29, 2010

Im starting to think that I have horrible luck,
especially when it comes to flying.
Instead of being able to catch my connecting flight from London to SFO,
I have to fly back to Prague from Manchester on Sunday, spend all day and night in the airport,
just to fly from Prague to London the next day.
I absolutely hate airlines now, and will be coming back to San Francisco with no money.
(insert sadface here)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Helen took me on a daytrip to the Chatsworth House belonging to the Dukes of Devonshire

Taking advantage of any sun I can get while in England

a walk along the moors in the dark peak district with Helen Les and Dean

Last week Helen drove me around the Peak District where we then stopped to visit Lyme Hall.
This fully furnished estate can still be viewed by the public,
and if famous for its lake view used in BBC's Pride and Prejudice in 1995.

on my second day in Glossop Helen took me on a drive through Derbyshire

a cave opening for an old lead mine

passing time in a park on a very cold day in Toulouse