Saturday, September 11, 2010

im feeling those rainy days blues, and very much under the weather

Friday, September 10, 2010

its about 4 in the morning and ive just finished posting all the photos ive taken in the past 10 days.

my current situation:

Budapest, Hungary

bratislava, slovakia

the view from my hostel window

i feel bad for spreading his wings a bit for the photo,
from a first glance i could have sworn he was just a big piece of bark.

Vienna, Austria

my host in vienna highly suggested that i visit the large outdoors market, especially on a saturday afternoon.


tasty tasty treats

so tasty that the bees cant resist

what i thought would be the end of the market was instead a delightful treat:
flea market saturday!

the butterfly house

this was the best way i could have hoped to end a day of sight seeing in prague
i do have to apologise for my lack of photography skills when it comes to most of these photos,
and please try your best to ignore the glare in the photos of glass enclosures.
i didnt notice how bad it was until now.
im also upset about somehow losing the photos i took in the precious stones and gems section...

the prague national museum

serious bear, angry bear, and sillyface bear


happy leather back

even happier dancing turtle

it seems that jim henson has added his share to the museum:
mammoth muppet!
or is it big birds imaginary best friend...?