Thursday, August 26, 2010

cider making:

apples being washed in trough before being smashed

smashing apples

pressing apples for juice

straining juice through cheesecloth

and last but not least, brewing!


  1. Great pictures. Makes me want to get some apples and make some applesauce. It feels like fall. The sky is blue with puffy white clouds. the air is crisp. I know we are in for more hot weather but I love this.. Love you much. Where are you going next.....

  2. we just made our first batch of lavender mead! brewing is fun stuff, and girl you look good doing it. (Chelsea)

  3. Reba we need you back!!!
    We are soooo behind with apple business this year - they are beginning to drop from the trees. Luckily all the animals in the back paddock like apples - ducks, sheep, goat and chickens - so there are none wasted.
    Do you remember the awesome apple pie you made?